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Liver T1 Mapping with vFA

Bias, repeatability and reproducibility of liver T1 mapping with variable flip angles

Sirisha Tadimalla, Daniel Wilson, David Shelley, Gavin Bainbridge, Margaret Saysell, Iosif A Mendichovszky, Martin Graves, Geoff JM Parker, Steven Sourbron

ISMRM Conference 2021


A multi-centre, multi-vendor study in 8 travelling healthy volunteers was conducted for technical validation of variable flip angle (VFA) T1 mapping in the liver across 6 scanners (3 vendors and 2 field strengths). The 95% CI was 28 ± 8% for the bias in liver T1, 10 ± 3% for the intra-scanner repeatability CV and 28 ± 6% for the inter-scanner reproducibility CV. These values are comparable to literature values for B1+-corrected VFA T1 in prostate, brain, breast, and phantoms. Any proposed refinement of the VFA method in the liver should demonstrate a significant improvement on those benchmarks before it can be recommended as a future standard.