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Conference Abstract: DIILD in vivo models

In vivo models of Drug Induced ILD; tools to study and improve drug safety (Conference Abstract)

Irma Mahmutovic Persson, Hanna Falk Håkansson, Per-Ola Önnervik, Janne Persson, Karin von Wachenfeldt, Lars E. Olsson - on behalf of the TRISTAN Consortium

ERS Lung Science Conference (LSC), 8-11 March 2018, Estoril, Portugal



Drug safety is extremely important, yet many drugs on the market have the possibility to induce interstitial lung injury, also known as drug induced interstitial lung disease (DIILD), although they are not administered locally into the lung. Once DIILD starts to develop, patients are normally taken off the drug, and in more severe cases treated with glucocorticoids. As a result, the induced lung injury resolve in many patients while others continue to develop progressive disease. In order to improve drug development in the future, and also to understand how to better treat patients with progressive DIILD, additional studies are required to investigate the underlying mechanisms of e.g. cell and matrix interactions. Well characterized models are needed for evaluation and development of biomarkers in order to better understand and accordingly prevent the progression of DIILD. The work presented here is part of a larger effort supported by IMI aiming at developing and validating pre-clinical imaging biomarkers for DIILD (TRISTAN). As a first step, a robust Bleomycin model is developed by testing various doses of Bleomycin from different manufacturers, along with imaging-monitoring of disease progression correlating this to cell- and histology analyses.