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Conference Abstract: Phantom R1 Repeabililty

Accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility of R1 in 12 small-animal MRI systems

JC Waterton, CDG Hines, PD Hockings, I Laitinen, S Ziemian, S Campbell, M Gottschalk, C Green, M Haase, K Hoffmann, H-P Juretschke, S Koehler, W Lloyd, Y Luo, I Mahmutovic Persson, JPB O Connor, LE Olsson, GJM Parker, K Pindoriah, JE Schneider, D Steinmann, K Strobel, I Teh, A Veltien, X Zhang, G Schuetz

Many translational MR biomarkers derive from measurements of the longitudinal relaxation rate R1, but evidence for between-site reproducibility of R1 in small-animal MRI is lacking. The objective of this study was to assess R1 repeatability and multi-site reproducibility in phantoms for preclinical MRI.